The manganese ores comprising highest manganese dioxide in Turkey are concentrated in our enrichment facilities modernized through new investments and deposits that are located in Kilis, Musa Beyli purchased in 2011.

In 2015, the enrichment facility investments were made following geological researches made in Kahramanmaraş region verifying the quality of manganese reserves in the region and the logistic benefits of the location. Raw material supply of our enrichment facility has increased after obtaining license for our manganese deposit in Elmalar District of Kahramanmaraş following the process of ores purchased from the region.

As a result of the marketing research that we have conducted within the scope of our vision for developing added-value product, investment decision for micronized manganese production facility to put micronized products with high manganese dioxide used in niche sectors on the market has been made in 2016 and put into operation at the same year.Besides our manganese production, we continue adding value to Turkish Economy by purchasing manganese from domestic suppliers and exporting to our reliable customers on our strong network throughout the world as one of the leading players of the sector.

 In the meantime, we are expanding our research and development activities for manganese oxide and manganese sulfate , the raw material of which is manganese dioxide, and we are looking forward to introducing our new products.

We will move ahead our business with geologic researches to produce copper, lead, zinc and other precious metals based on our experience and knowledge in this sector to which we have stepped by producing manganese. We continue our R&D activities for enrichment in laboratory as pilot scale production to turn ores into commercial products through metal ore reserves determination.